We Accept PO's from Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local), Defense (Military, Air Force, Navy), Universities, Schools and Colleges.
We Accept PO's from Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local), Defense (Military, Air Force, Navy), Universities, Schools and Colleges.

Server Memory

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Upgrade Server Memory for Fast Computing

Upgrading the right Server RAM Memory generally increases the speed of the Server, the faster the RAM, the faster the processing speed. With faster Memory, the speed increases at which memory transfers information to other components. At Memory4less.com, we have categorized ultra-reliable memory solutions for computer servers that not only reduces total cost of server maintenance but also slashes power bills.

How much server memory do you need?

The important question is that how much memory should be installed in a server.

Strictly speaking, this depends on your server needs. Minimum of 4GB-6GB ECC Registered Server Memory will be sufficient for running SQL program on a server. If it's a dedicated server for a game, it will need DDR4 Server RAM depending on the number of players getting connected with it. Similarly, if it is a web server hosting a website, the RAM needs to be in consonance with the active users on the websites hosted on the server. If there are only a small number of users on a website, the amount of Memory required will be low. If they are higher and the website is dynamic, filled with databases, the RAM used will be more.

Repeating Calculations:

An office server will need around 4GB DDR3 for basic activities

A gaming server will need at least 8GB DDR3 or more RAM plus a solid compatible graphic card depending on the game it is going to run.

A web server RAM will start from 2GB DDR2 but will need to be increased depending on active users.

So, there you go. Now you know how much RAM is required for your server machine.

Find compatible Server components through our system configurator.

Some of our customers are uncertain about the condition of their servers and are interested in knowing if they should upgrade a server or buy a new one instead.

The best time to replace or to perform a Server Hardware Upgrade is when it is still functional. Waiting for a crash to occur can cause panic and more down time & cost than compared to a planned server refresh. The selection of the best Server RAM is not an easy task. The Memory used in servers is a lot different from used in personal computers because servers are specially designed for maximum efficiency and manageability to store more data and better run workloads, which, if crashed, can cause a lot of damage to multiple entities.

There are two Types of Computer Memory

ECC Memory:

ECC (Error correcting code) memory detects and corrects data errors occurring due to electrical or magnetic interference inside a system. These type of computer RAM are usually used in computers dealing with financial transactions or scientific research and servers that are storing massive amounts of data.

Non-ECC Memory:

Non-ECC memory, on the other hand, used in personal or desktop computers and workstations. These type of RAM are designed for speed and do not correct magnetic or electrical errors during the flow of information.

How to Buy Server Memory? - Ask Our Experts

Do you face difficulty in choosing the right memory for your Server? Do you need expert advice? Our Memory finder have the ability to help you pick the right memory module for upgrading your Server System. Whether your priority is performance, high capacity or low prices, use our System Configurator and find the Compatible Memory for Server Upgrade from Top Brands like HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo and more.

100% Compatible Memory Modules

Memory4less.com has committed to deliver the best solutions for Server Memory Upgrades that you can buy online at very reasonable cost. We also test Server RAM in harsh environments in order to screen out potentially defective RAM modules before they are shipped to the end-users. We have a wide variety of Server RAM Upgrade including latest DDR4 & DDR3 Load Reduced (LRDIMM) and Registered ECC DIMMs, which are 100% compatible.

Largest Selection of Server Memory

Browse our huge collection of Memory Modules from top brands such as Micron, Crucial and Samsung for popular Servers brands like HP and Dell RAM Upgrades. In our Memory section you can find various server memory types including Registered ECC (RDIMM), Load Reduced (LRDIMM) and Fully Buffered DIMM.

Exceptional Customer Services

We offer exceptional customer service and free shipping on most computer server RAM orders.

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