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We Accept PO's from Fortune 1000 Companies, Government Agencies (Federal, State, Local), Defense (Military, Air Force, Navy), Universities, Schools and Colleges.

Power Supplies

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Computer Power Supplies for Servers, Desktops, and Laptops

Power Supplies are the most critical component of the computer system. Power Supplies also known an PSU (Power Supply Unit) that convert alternate high current to direct current. The power supply is located at the back of the computer that consists of a transformer, rectifier, filter, and voltage regulator.

The wattages in power supplies for serversmay vary according to usage; for instance, a single server can use around 500 to 1200 watts per hour. At the same time, the power supplies for desktop computers consume around 70-250 watts without the monitor, whereas with the monitor, it consumes additional 20-60 watts. As far as laptop power supplies are concerned, the standard laptop charger may consume around 20-50watts.

How to Choose Best Computer Power Supply Unit

To maximize the efficiency of these power supplies, it is necessary to consider factors such as form factors, product series, Watt capacity, interface, and the type of connector. Every factor plays an essential role when building a new pc or upgrading existing computer systems. However, to choose the correct power supply, it is necessary to ensure that the form factor is selected correctly which is compatible with the system. The consideration of wattage is another factor that affects the system's performance majorly, as the higher the rating of wattage is, the more power it will supply.

Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the rails responsible for supplying the power are compatible. For instance, in a standard computer PC, if the output for the modern power supply is around 18amps or more, it may require 12V rails. Similarly, the higher the output, the more 12V rails are required. However, where the interfaces such as SLI or Crossfire are concerned, the output for 12V rails is expected to be around 34A. Therefore, the power supply can supply power to all the components through the rail, around 12V.

Best Buy Power Supplies from Top Manufacturers

Is your system unstable and cannot be relied on? Memory4less.com has just the solution for you! Choose the best power supply from the top brands including Cooler Master, Dell, EVGA, HP and more. These power supplies are available in different ranges of wattages ranging from 700W to 2900W followed by different product series including Cooling Turbo, eXtreme, Trio 550 and many more. You can also find different connectors for these power supplies such as SATA, IDE, 12V, and many others as per your requirement.

However, if you are still reluctant to make the right decision, reach out to our hardware experts who will help you find the best power supply for servers, desktop PCs and laptop computers.

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